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Prophecy of disappointing final event cleared!

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The headline reads "Rosengard clear Prophecy of Ro in under a week, 4th (yes 4th) guild to down Ayonae!"

As usual, the detail behind the headline is far more revealing!

As usual I can't remember the order of the things we killed but for once I took a lot of screenshots!

For those of you of a TLDR disposition we are still recruiting, also there's a funny drawing of Sirrod's latest attempts to fly down below and some quotes!

Here's some Theatre of Blood screenies, which we split rather effective

He isn't that cruel really, dropped some nice loots!

Royal PITA!

She's not so mad now!

He expertly conducted the Rosengard orchestra to his own demise.

3 Attempts, missclick madness!

She definately works out!

Despite appearances, we did not drop a rock on his head, we oppened a can o whoop ass on him!

We came, we saw, she can't sing so we rioted and took her loots!

Now as promised, the epic story of Sirrod's latest attempt to fly!

During one event there is a room with traps, Sirrod attempts to demonstrate the 'safe way' to jump down avoiding this room.

He failed so hard I think I popped a testicle laughing.

Anyway, heres the quotes

And finally, we look forward to a major expansion with a whole new race, new levels new AA's and new spells and new content and new newness in a few makes, due on May 23rd according to crap I googled!

Check recruitment or speak to an officer if you're interested in joining our friends list!


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