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Esteemed guest....... (Update, Mayong down!)

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Febuary news time is here!

Depths of Darkhollow is now live, the expansion is now a week old and we're progressing very steadily. (In fact it is now cleared, scroll down for more infos!)

We kicked off the week by not raiding at all, and letting people dreadspire and vule flag and generally spell misison and enjoy content, which seems to have gone down well.

Sunday we managed to split all 5 blood raids, including the notably difficult Sendaii, The Hive Queen event.

More impressively (IMO at least) we pulled off 5 Vule splits to flag a hell of a lot of people for Demi-Plane.

On a personal note, this was the part of the expansion I was looking forward to most. Genuinely new content I hadn't experienced, and a guild based milestone for RG to progress further than we had on Fippy.

And what fun it was! In our first Demi-Plane raid we managed to clear up to Roley event (with shit loot all the way!)

For once I remembered to take a few screenshots to!

Surprised mortals? Well no, not really....we read the strats and were well prepared!

Run run fast as you can!

This guy reminds me of an X-man somehow but I can't think which....

For all powerful beings they don't half wear some shit noob armour!

We re-visited Demi on Thursday, clearing tier 2 after some hilarious failing on the performer event and with only fleeting time for a half hearted Mayong attempt (TBH it was more a chance to practice some strategy than an attempt)

And so on DoDH day 11, a meare 20 dkp raiding hours after it launched, Rosengard became the 7th (citation required but fairly sure that's right) guild to beat the expansion.

And it was done in some style to, a near on flawlessly executed raid plan, killing him first time on the night with only the basic clickers farmed.

And what better way to celebrate a joyous expansion clear than jizzing 50 cumalitive AA's on some fireworks!

Fantastic job all round, well done everyone!

Anyhow, as always I have compiled a list of funny stuff that pops up in guild group and raid chat. 

Some say, that it's a list used by Satan himself to read on the toilet.....

And that if you read them all backwards, you'll be cursed to sniff pencils for the rest of your natural life.

All I know is, they're called the quotes!

Amazing isn't it! Sirrod escapes unharmed, after all his little accidents.

But wait? what's this! late breaking news with some stickman art!

and that's the last time I ever get a buff off him I guess, but it was worth it!

I will likely just tag on an update when demi-plane is clear rather than do a whole new page, so udpate when it's ready.

Oh as always check out recruitment and all that jazz, peace!



Woo unscathed! also grats on the half clear all :)

It's not a problem, Sirrod doesn't buff anyway.

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