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26 January

This is how we roll

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After flawlessly defeating all the raid encounters ins RoF, people always ask me "How do you do that?", "Spoil some secret strategy!", so here is a video of how we fought that bearded midget lady in Crystal Caverns:

Other raids were a bit tricky and it took a lot of effort to figure things out. btw, whoever named this screenshot ashokal.jpg is an ass. and a genius.

And last but not least: A few quotes from our more eloquent members:


02 December

What's left when there is nothing to fear?

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Looking at all the people who started to play on a TLP server, there are so many different reasons why they chose to do so. Be it for the classic adventure of leveling up in all those nostalgic places, doing the epic quest during Ruins of Kunark, the dragons in NTOV or the progression through PoP. We all have fond memories of these adventures. Memories we decided to live again with old and new friends. Memories that will become better when experienced for a second time.

But amidst all those joyful anticipations, there was also one you wish would not happen again: Plane of Fear.
You will always remember that zone.
You will always remember the corpse runs.
You will always remember those failed attempts and losing faith in you and your comrades.
You will always remember how this zone defeated your will to retry over and over again.

Not necessarily consciously, but deep inside you and your nightmares, you shivered at the sight of their inhabitants and most importantly its eternal Lord and God of Fear: Cazic Thule

No other deity portraied his realm more intensely than Cazic Thule did. The battles against Cazic Thule left the Plane of Fear with piles of corpses with streams of blood flowing between them.
Countless adventures found their destiny shortly after they entered his realm with no way to escape. No matter if you were a true believer or a follower of a lesser deity, you would fear him more than anything else.
You did not want to face him.
You did not want to hide from him, for he can smell your fear from far way.
You did not want to run from Cazic Thule, because you knew he would chase you in reality and haunt you in your dreams.
You did not want to fuck with Cazic Thule!

But then it happened: Cazic Thule was betrayed by his own children. After all you and Cazic Thule have gone through, this was not the final stand you hoped for. You fought him in his own realm on the very hills that were formed from a myriad of carcasses that failed against him. You hoped for a glorious victory for the books of history. But when you slew him, you noticed that this feat was not your achievment, but only made possible by treachery. Morrel and Terris Thule imprisoned and weakened him and abused your desire for revenge into killing their father. This was not the victory you wanted. This was not the heroic act you wanted bards to sing about. It wasn't you who defeated him, you were just somebody else's puppet.

I want to be honest with you. When this happened, when Cazic Thule fell and Norrath was not the same as it used to be, I started to question if I should continue my journey through Norrath. Would it be the same without Cazic Thule? What if he never came back? What if there was nothing left to fear?

At this point, when you realize that the current present will be the future's history, we decided to set things straight again. So we went on a mission to restore order by honorably slaying millions of monsters more or less responsible for the wrongdoings we witnessed.

until we faced some guy on a power trip thinking he could be the new big cheese in Norrath:

He fell to our swords and magic (and a little help from our new best friend Cazic Thule) to set things straight again.

it will be a while until Cazic Thule has restored his full power, but we hope you rest well and we're looking forward to facing you again on the battle fields.

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