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17 October

Luclin clear!

Lazanish 7 Comments

We had a plan to raid VT on the 16th of October, to enable us to get 2 instanced Emp kills done (Even though we managed to nab an Openworld Emp kill, yay for bothering to emp key a raid right?)

We stuck to it deciding that the vast majority of members deserved a chance to see VT in it's trash clearing glory

We came, we saw, we conquered, we looted! And for once I took some pictures!


 photo EQ000749_zpslxhjpz9b.jpg 

Are we there yet?

 photo EQ000750_zpsbehgtjie.jpg

No really?

 photo aten 2_zpsjwg5wx6g.jpg

We hit her so hard she had to throw up in the corner > <

 photo Aten_zpsgmzw0oei.jpg

So thats it then, Luclin clear! Welcome to farm mode \o/

All you people care about really though is the quotes.....

 photo latest luclin_zpszkzhoane.jpg

Double Luclin cleared bubble. Yaaaay!

 photo lates luclin 2_zpsvfpedeeg.jpg

When's PoP out again? 

08 October

The moon has been cheesed

Lazanish 3 Comments

Luclin is less than a week old, and the salt is very real ladies and gentleman.

People were able to bypass game mechanics in an instance, and instance lockout timers on Emp Ssra resulting in DBG taking down the AoC.

Also apparently Vex Thal is 'broken' in an instance leaving the boss mob killable with no clearing involved.

You will see no such bullshit in Rosengard fortunately, I hope all you other guys enjoy your cheesey loots!

We downed emp on first try, even after a hilarious miss-hap with a carpet (you had to be there) HOWEVER.....

 photo EQ000679_zpsmzles3we.jpg

During the event the server crashed, we did however finish him off as for whatever reason we were able to knock over the last 2-3% without being kicked off the server.

We await the results of petition quest for the loots, and you better cough up DBG! Or else we'll set Scrubble 'the room clearer' on you with his atomic ass!

 photo emp ssra_zpsw1ralqjm.jpg

With guild chat being as active as its ever been, quotes are coming thick and fast!

 photo luclin emps_zpsicugkbeh.jpg

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