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08 October

The moon has been cheesed

Lazanish 3 Comments

Luclin is less than a week old, and the salt is very real ladies and gentleman.

People were able to bypass game mechanics in an instance, and instance lockout timers on Emp Ssra resulting in DBG taking down the AoC.

Also apparently Vex Thal is 'broken' in an instance leaving the boss mob killable with no clearing involved.

You will see no such bullshit in Rosengard fortunately, I hope all you other guys enjoy your cheesey loots!

We downed emp on first try, even after a hilarious miss-hap with a carpet (you had to be there) HOWEVER.....

 photo EQ000679_zpsmzles3we.jpg

During the event the server crashed, we did however finish him off as for whatever reason we were able to knock over the last 2-3% without being kicked off the server.

We await the results of petition quest for the loots, and you better cough up DBG! Or else we'll set Scrubble 'the room clearer' on you with his atomic ass!

 photo emp ssra_zpsw1ralqjm.jpg

With guild chat being as active as its ever been, quotes are coming thick and fast!

 photo luclin emps_zpsicugkbeh.jpg

04 October

It's not made of cheese!

Lazanish 0 Comments

So, much to everyones surprise Luclin launched pretty much without a hitch.

We finished up Velious on wednesday with a couple of easy kills and let everyone feel the Luclin hype, which came with the inevitable rush to get stuff done asap chaaaarge /leerooy mode! Like Vandamn-few inc-Bo!

 photo The Grey_zpspc8adlhf.jpg

So for those of our infrequent loggers wondering what Luclin is like, it actually isn't as bad as some may have feared. The AA rate is decent, the raids are fresh with some different strategies and guild chat is buzzing with group offers and help and congratulatory achievement spam!

Raid wise we've been fairly tenative setting ourselves up for our future endeavours with a few gentle raids in akheva and the deep, and some mass key farming for Emp Ssra, keying 70+ people is quite the challenge of course, but we're working hard together to get it done and should be ready for a shot at him next raid.

Here's a shot from outside our first Luclin raid....yaaay team photo!

 photo Akheva_zpso34dlcn5.jpg

Not that it hasn't taken its toll however, many have spent several days in Ssra and are now feeling like this....

 photo Ssra_zpsc0hcqcse.jpg

He who controls the spice......

 photo Burrower_zpsbzjaclh0.jpg

Khati Sha is the coolest looking NOT PERMA ROOTED mob in Luclin :P

 photo EQ000663_zpspsz2alcl.jpg

And after some serious effort to get a key, we also took out Seru.

 photo EQ000661_zpsq5itmghw.jpg

Doubtless with this much quality art and entertainment people will be on at me to update again by next week ><

Double quotes, because I can!

 photo Luclin 1_zpsf26nhyv6.jpg


 photo Luclin 2_zpssepsp2xe.jpg

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