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27 September

Stay grounded, for tomorrow we fly!

Lazanish 6 Comments

And so here in Rosengard it is Luclin-Eve!

All the raiders are excited as tomorrow we will finally be able to go to the moon, get AA's, set up traders, make kitty characters, make Beastlords, kill open world Vulak....

Wait what was that last one again?

Yup you read it right, we actually managed to kill OW Vulak. Well OW all of NToV in fact (except the triplets, seriously f*ck those guys and the crap they drop)

A fun race was had, which we won for a change.

To be fair I wasn't really expecting to make another news update before our first raid or 2 in Luclin, so there are no quotes....

You know, keep them wanting more and all that..... However!

After the events in ToV and with everyone on a high, captain delegate (Yes, Bonl-slack) said to me 'make it happen, something funny'

Never one to refuse a challenge, unless I'm afk or I otherwise can't be bothered, or I really don't like you and am ignoring you on purpose (Good luck figuring out which!) I spent all of 20 minutes this morning coming up with this little gem!

 photo luclin_zpsqeh7admc.jpg

cool Fly me to the moooooooon....

12 September

The whine is real

Lazanish 7 Comments

Luclin is very close to launch now, the 28th of September assuming nothing goes wrong!

So, despite the fact that there really is no more news to tell you other than 'we keep killing stuff' People are whining for news updates.

Aegir I am looking very specifically at you.

So, I thought I would do something different this update and show some real action shots from my own perspective (I might be slightly drunk so this is probably less of a good idea than it seems right now)

Naturally of course, I didn't take screenshots, but instead I decided to make an artists representation of some of the encounters!

Like Vulak!

 photo Vulak_zps9n6slewh.jpg

Let the fire rain!

Then there's this ugly dwarf, not to be confused with Noby who we seem to do a lot of!

 photo Dain_zpsuhqlkakg.jpg

And of course we have our weekly date in the open air with this hippy!

 photo Tunare_zpscimqoquf.jpg

We also seem to spend a lot of time in PoFear looking for brains....

 photo CT_zpsqgo8egge.jpg

And as if that wasn't enough we have some of the quotes that have been flying around guild chat lately.

Is it me or does the theme always seem to revolve around sex, innuendo and dirty talk? I'm sure this is NO reflection on us as a guild.......


 photo quotes for a laugh_zpsf1b4gh4s.jpg

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