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27 February

Normal service is resumed

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As mentioned in the last update only the Rathe stood in the way of us, and being in PoTime.

The difficulty of this encounter is well documented, and several guilds have failed at this hurdle.

Not us though!

 photo EQ000918_zpstafwu2ne.jpg

Apologies for the piss poor cropping or whatever the hell you call it.

Anyhow, with the Rathe defeated, that just left a Sunday visit to Plane of Time!

Naturally, Veni Vidi Vici or whatever!

 photo EQ000932_zpsjvcpfrnt.jpg

That was on Febuary 19th for those of you that give a toss about such things, of who beat what 'first' I prefer the statistic of 'Plane of Time beaten and probably 100 people Elemental flagged in 38 raid hours'

Good work guild!

Heres some quotes!

 photo quotes time_zpsn7tf4n4m.jpg

15 February

PoP goes the weasel!

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Yes indeed EQ fans! PoP is here!

2 weeks in, a new level cap, lots of AA's and more than your average share of kills and Rosengard is one kill away from Plane of Time, Rathe Council we are coming for you!

More than ever before, our raiding force has been mostly split to maximise our flagging potential in this expansion.

So far PoP has been for the most part a disapointment in terms of a difficulty step up, with the slight exception of Tallon Zek being a little more of a challenge than we expected and one of the split raids experiencing some difficulties with the Paladoink king Mithaniel Marr.

I actually took *some* screenshots!

Before our first PoP raid team-ish photo!

 photo EQ000878_zpsvqrvsexm.jpg

Karana looking pimp with his cane!

 photo EQ000899_zpss8gsdisu.jpg

Scary looking Rallos!

 photo EQ000892_zps2xguypsh.jpg

A scene from the new Robocop!

 photo EQ000896_zpsylklypry.jpg

A rainbow!

 photo EQ000906_zps4zg4kp0q.jpg

A fairy!

 photo EQ000886_zpsknwmdjpo.jpg

Another one!

 photo EQ000909_zps2i7sxrmx.jpg

You shall not passssssssss!

 photo EQ000910_zpsa33dqziv.jpg

And of course the quotes! Thanks for reading folks :)

 photo quotes pop_zpstc8xpzbk.jpg

28 January

Taking care of beeeezneeeeeez!

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So if you have been living in Bonlgon's basement for the past few months you won't know that PoP unlocks on Feb 1st!

You also won't know that finally the announcement that Gates of Discord and Omens of War will NOT be bundled!

As far as I can tell, almost everyone thinks that bundling them was a bad idea.

Also going forward including Gates of Discord, expansions with no level cap increase will be reduced to 8 weeks.

Personally I'm not thrilled at 3 months of LdoN, but hey ho these are changes and statements that everyone can get behind, or at least live with.

So what has Rosengard been doing since Xmas?

Killing crap in record time, getting more prime open world stuff than ever before and generally getting the farm done of course! 

But most importantly of all, Rosengard has finally got one particular white monkey off our backs......

 photo EQ000864_zpsj8iajdwg.jpg

Yes finally Gorenaire has fallen to Rosengard on Phinigel! Congratulations to the 18 or so people that took part in this stunning achievement ;)

Anyway PoP, Feb 1st. See you there. Heres the quotes, and a special treat at the.....bottom of the page...tee hee!

 photo quotes123213_zpshouvezhm.jpg

This is my view most raids, it just appears infront of me!

 photo EQ000850_zpsmmv4ypib.jpg

Thanks for reading :)

17 December


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I'm not sure who exactly reads this outside of guild members. Hello out there if you're an old friend, or someone just seeing what we're up to.

I'm not normally one for political statements or anything but recently Phinigel server has taken a bit of a battering.

Through some deliberate means or other people were able to claim defiant gear and some other things on Phinigel (I guess it would apply to the other TLP's to? don't know really) that they really shouldn't have been able to.

The cat innevitably got let out of the bag and DBG responded by suspending some, banning others. With some guilds being quite severely hit. And some amusing rumours flying around to!

Never one to take things to seriously or pass up an opportunity to have a laugh, I drew up this!

 photo News Banned_zpsy0azpqdj.jpg

Asside from that, there has been some mistakes when removing the defiant and one of the 'legitimate' mounts was also removed, making it easier for Aegir to train the ass off us, since we can't all slack med!

 photo Aegir trains_zpsk28tenc6.jpg

Meanwhile Steincrew has invented Rosengard raid bingo to help us through the attrition of Luclin, giving me a great excuse to show you this!

 photo EQ000839_zpsh7jw6nkz.jpg

And because it's been a short time since the last update, a few quotes including some submissions, hence the shitty pictures and crappy fonts and...oh wait what? You're used to that already? What do you mean I draw like a 6 year old!

 photo Defiant gate_zpsnja4jhhl.jpg

Happy Christmas!

24 November

The grind, the whine, the farm, the quotes

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So its been over a month and there has been no real news to tell.

Raids are still full, mobs still die and gear still flows in at a crazy rate.

So, why am I updating the news if there is no news?

Well because people are whining about it of course!

And why are they whining? Well because AA xp is to easy, and they want more quotes.

 photo quotes latest 1_zpsdsuetynn.jpg

And since it's been a while we get double!

 photo quotes latest 2_zpsbktnbj0h.jpg

And since it's been even longer I'll spoil you with a tripple, now stop whining at me!

 photo quotes latest_zps1t6ctcks.jpg

17 October

Luclin clear!

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We had a plan to raid VT on the 16th of October, to enable us to get 2 instanced Emp kills done (Even though we managed to nab an Openworld Emp kill, yay for bothering to emp key a raid right?)

We stuck to it deciding that the vast majority of members deserved a chance to see VT in it's trash clearing glory.

We came, we saw, we conquered, we looted! And for once I took some pictures!


 photo EQ000749_zpslxhjpz9b.jpg 

Are we there yet?

 photo EQ000750_zpsbehgtjie.jpg

No really?

 photo aten 2_zpsjwg5wx6g.jpg

We hit her so hard she had to throw up in the corner > <

 photo Aten_zpsgmzw0oei.jpg

So thats it then, Luclin clear! Welcome to farm mode \o/

All you people care about really though is the quotes.....

 photo latest luclin_zpszkzhoane.jpg

Double Luclin cleared bubble. Yaaaay!

 photo lates luclin 2_zpsvfpedeeg.jpg

When's PoP out again? 

08 October

The moon has been cheesed

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Luclin is less than a week old, and the salt is very real ladies and gentleman.

People were able to bypass game mechanics in an instance, and instance lockout timers on Emp Ssra resulting in DBG taking down the AoC.

Also apparently Vex Thal is 'broken' in an instance leaving the boss mob killable with no clearing involved.

You will see no such bullshit in Rosengard fortunately, I hope all you other guys enjoy your cheesey loots!

We downed emp on first try, even after a hilarious miss-hap with a carpet (you had to be there) HOWEVER.....

 photo EQ000679_zpsmzles3we.jpg

During the event the server crashed, we did however finish him off as for whatever reason we were able to knock over the last 2-3% without being kicked off the server.

We await the results of petition quest for the loots, and you better cough up DBG! Or else we'll set Scrubble 'the room clearer' on you with his atomic ass!

 photo emp ssra_zpsw1ralqjm.jpg

With guild chat being as active as its ever been, quotes are coming thick and fast!

 photo luclin emps_zpsicugkbeh.jpg

04 October

It's not made of cheese!

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So, much to everyones surprise Luclin launched pretty much without a hitch.

We finished up Velious on wednesday with a couple of easy kills and let everyone feel the Luclin hype, which came with the inevitable rush to get stuff done asap chaaaarge /leerooy mode! Like Vandamn-few inc-Bo!

 photo The Grey_zpspc8adlhf.jpg

So for those of our infrequent loggers wondering what Luclin is like, it actually isn't as bad as some may have feared. The AA rate is decent, the raids are fresh with some different strategies and guild chat is buzzing with group offers and help and congratulatory achievement spam!

Raid wise we've been fairly tenative setting ourselves up for our future endeavours with a few gentle raids in akheva and the deep, and some mass key farming for Emp Ssra, keying 70+ people is quite the challenge of course, but we're working hard together to get it done and should be ready for a shot at him next raid.

Here's a shot from outside our first Luclin raid....yaaay team photo!

 photo Akheva_zpso34dlcn5.jpg

Not that it hasn't taken its toll however, many have spent several days in Ssra and are now feeling like this....

 photo Ssra_zpsc0hcqcse.jpg

He who controls the spice......

 photo Burrower_zpsbzjaclh0.jpg

Khati Sha is the coolest looking NOT PERMA ROOTED mob in Luclin :P

 photo EQ000663_zpspsz2alcl.jpg

And after some serious effort to get a key, we also took out Seru.

 photo EQ000661_zpsq5itmghw.jpg

Doubtless with this much quality art and entertainment people will be on at me to update again by next week ><

Double quotes, because I can!

 photo Luclin 1_zpsf26nhyv6.jpg


 photo Luclin 2_zpssepsp2xe.jpg

27 September

Stay grounded, for tomorrow we fly!

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And so here in Rosengard it is Luclin-Eve!

All the raiders are excited as tomorrow we will finally be able to go to the moon, get AA's, set up traders, make kitty characters, make Beastlords, kill open world Vulak....

Wait what was that last one again?

Yup you read it right, we actually managed to kill OW Vulak. Well OW all of NToV in fact (except the triplets, seriously f*ck those guys and the crap they drop)

A fun race was had, which we won for a change.

To be fair I wasn't really expecting to make another news update before our first raid or 2 in Luclin, so there are no quotes....

You know, keep them wanting more and all that..... However!

After the events in ToV and with everyone on a high, captain delegate (Yes, Bonl-slack) said to me 'make it happen, something funny'

Never one to refuse a challenge, unless I'm afk or I otherwise can't be bothered, or I really don't like you and am ignoring you on purpose (Good luck figuring out which!) I spent all of 20 minutes this morning coming up with this little gem!

 photo luclin_zpsqeh7admc.jpg

cool Fly me to the moooooooon....

12 September

The whine is real

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Luclin is very close to launch now, the 28th of September assuming nothing goes wrong!

So, despite the fact that there really is no more news to tell you other than 'we keep killing stuff' People are whining for news updates.

Aegir I am looking very specifically at you.

So, I thought I would do something different this update and show some real action shots from my own perspective (I might be slightly drunk so this is probably less of a good idea than it seems right now)

Naturally of course, I didn't take screenshots, but instead I decided to make an artists representation of some of the encounters!

Like Vulak!

 photo Vulak_zps9n6slewh.jpg

Let the fire rain!

Then there's this ugly dwarf, not to be confused with Noby who we seem to do a lot of!

 photo Dain_zpsuhqlkakg.jpg

And of course we have our weekly date in the open air with this hippy!

 photo Tunare_zpscimqoquf.jpg

We also seem to spend a lot of time in PoFear looking for brains....

 photo CT_zpsqgo8egge.jpg

And as if that wasn't enough we have some of the quotes that have been flying around guild chat lately.

Is it me or does the theme always seem to revolve around sex, innuendo and dirty talk? I'm sure this is NO reflection on us as a guild.......


 photo quotes for a laugh_zpsf1b4gh4s.jpg

06 August

No news is good news!

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So, we are at the stage now where the expansion is very comfortably on farm! We currently clear N.ToV and E.ToV in one sitting 

With a lack of AA's to grind, it being Velious and all, people are starting to go stir crazy. However with the pressure off, it leaves the chance for some fun times! for example....

To entertain ourselves we have run our very own beauty pageant!

It was a tough contest, with several disqualifications, for cross dressing entries *cough* Bonlgon *cough*

But finally here is Miss Norrath 2016!

 photo aNz1HoP_zps41azbbxl.png

On a diet of gnomes and Frogs, with the aim of 'making cookies' clearly she was an outstanding contestant!

Well, anyway as you probably guessed there isn't much news at all, till Luclin anyway....just a serious note to say keep a close eye on recruitment as we are currently pretty much as full as we can be.

Meanwhile heres a double helping of quotes since its been a while!

 photo quotes No news_zpsnh6ljj2f.jpg


 photo quotes no news 2_zpssfnjttal.jpg

Loving you all! <3

06 July

Call Vyemm an ambulance!

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Lord Vyemm, you are an ambulance....

 photo Vyem_zpsidfmyxax.jpg

With the eventual death of this guy, and very much in era, Rosengard can now say:

Velious clear!

And look what we did to Iceclad Ocean!

 photo bon was here_zps5ys5a4uf.jpg

In all seriousness though, I personally, and all the leadership, raid leaders, dkp team, members, recruits, cheerleaders, mascots and Scrubbles are incredibly proud of this guild and its achievements in the past few months.

Not only have we stepped up, we have thrived! Guild chat is a hive of activity, raids are full or close to every time we raid, Goratoar's blood pressure is now down to 180/100 even!

Which brings me on to the next point of interest for anyone reading this! Recruitment.

Currently, Rosengard has low requirements on all classes to join us.

This does not by any stretch mean we are closed for recruitment.

What this means is unless you are level 60 and raid ready, you do not meet the requirements to join currently.

Naturally (and obviously) this is subject to change with the constant ebb and flow that is being an EU raiding guild in Everquest, and any drastic change to recruitment will be announced! 

But right now, we are in a good place, and every effort will be made to keep us here and push us on.

Good job people, I'm pleased and proud to know you all and spend my spare time pressing buttons to mix imaginary pixels with you all!

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