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11 January

New year, new achievements!

Xenvo 3 Comments

Here we are in January and it's time for another news update.

Depths of Darkhollow looms on the horizon at the end of the month, and as always preperations are well under way!

Meanwhile I've been accused of slacking on these, to that I say It wasn't time for a news update before because:

A: People keep hassling me for a news update.

B: You weren't funny enough until now to fill the quotes.

C: We hadn't done anything news worthy.

And what is more news worthy than once again splitting the current boss mob of an expansion, in era, into 2 raids of....well ok one wiped twice and killed him an hour and a half later, but still! Damn fine work chaps, here's to more top notch loot!

To celebrate I bought a 25 AA Firework glyph and let it off in the guild hall.

Rarely have I thought such novelty shit is worth that much AA, but it was in fact very pretty indeed!

Anyhow I really can't be arsed to draw what Teeks does to the penguin this month (it ain't pretty) so here's the quotes after people finally stepped up the game!

As always check the frontpage for recruitment, and remember we're always happy to see our old friends return and lend a hand to get them back in the groove!

Oh, and happy new year and all that jazz!

16 December

December Dragons

Xenvo 0 Comments

Tis the month of Christmas, and all through the house,

All the raiders were stirring a-twitching their mouse!

With this update comes the news that Dragons of Norrath expansion is live.

I personally struggle to call it an expansion, its more of a clip on in my eyes!

Having said that I'm enjoying it far far more than I ever thought I would, the crystals give a relatively decent way to cash up or gear alts, the raid based progression AA's are excellent and the end boss is an especially fun encounter that requires a decent amount of focus and teamwork to succeed.

Naturally we dropped Vishimtar, allthough it took 2 bites of the cherry as there is a lot to take in for the strat in one sitting, the 2nd and so far 1 subsequent pass have been pretty good.

Anyhow thats DoN on farm mode, and the road to DoDH begins now!

Meanwhile our bards are in and out of action like the Liverpool and England footballer Daniel Sturridge, the man who is a hospital patient who's career has been blighted by the ocassional spell of football.

Not our Teeks though, hes busy in the Antarctic, he's even getting busy!

And that is....nearly that apart from of course the quotes.

Now that really is it!

Probably literally when I get sued for one or several of the comments made here!

Peace to you my lovers! \o/

(I may be a little drunk at the moment)

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