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07 April

Prophecy of disappointing final event cleared!

Lazann 0 Comments

The headline reads "Rosengard clear Prophecy of Ro in under a week, 4th (yes 4th) guild to down Ayonae!"

As usual, the detail behind the headline is far more revealing!

As usual I can't remember the order of the things we killed but for once I took a lot of screenshots!

For those of you of a TLDR disposition we are still recruiting, also there's a funny drawing of Sirrod's latest attempts to fly down below and some quotes!

Here's some Theatre of Blood screenies, which we split rather effective

He isn't that cruel really, dropped some nice loots!

Royal PITA!

She's not so mad now!

He expertly conducted the Rosengard orchestra to his own demise.

3 Attempts, missclick madness!

She definately works out!

Despite appearances, we did not drop a rock on his head, we oppened a can o whoop ass on him!

We came, we saw, she can't sing so we rioted and took her loots!

Now as promised, the epic story of Sirrod's latest attempt to fly!

During one event there is a room with traps, Sirrod attempts to demonstrate the 'safe way' to jump down avoiding this room.

He failed so hard I think I popped a testicle laughing.

Anyway, heres the quotes

And finally, we look forward to a major expansion with a whole new race, new levels new AA's and new spells and new content and new newness in a few makes, due on May 23rd according to crap I googled!

Check recruitment or speak to an officer if you're interested in joining our friends list!

27 March

Prophecy of Ro, going live!

Lazann 3 Comments

For the (late) March update the news is that we've continued to clear Demiplane efficiently and split Anguish/Vish etc.

Which isn't exactly news, but anyway!

Wednesday March 28th is when Prophecy of Ro launches on Phinigel and Rosengard as always will be ready to progress at our own sensible pace.

As there's no levels or AA's increase (for the 8 weeks of the expansion) it's a good chance for some our old friends to come and catch up with us, or for some new friends to apply as we want to continue not needing boxes to raid content!

If you're interested check the available classes, or speak with any officer.

Since there isn't much to say till PoR is cleared, I'll just leave you with some quotes!

07 February

Esteemed guest....... (Update, Mayong down!)

Lazann 2 Comments

Febuary news time is here!

Depths of Darkhollow is now live, the expansion is now a week old and we're progressing very steadily. (In fact it is now cleared, scroll down for more infos!)

We kicked off the week by not raiding at all, and letting people dreadspire and vule flag and generally spell misison and enjoy content, which seems to have gone down well.

Sunday we managed to split all 5 blood raids, including the notably difficult Sendaii, The Hive Queen event.

More impressively (IMO at least) we pulled off 5 Vule splits to flag a hell of a lot of people for Demi-Plane.

On a personal note, this was the part of the expansion I was looking forward to most. Genuinely new content I hadn't experienced, and a guild based milestone for RG to progress further than we had on Fippy.

And what fun it was! In our first Demi-Plane raid we managed to clear up to Roley event (with shit loot all the way!)

For once I remembered to take a few screenshots to!

Surprised mortals? Well no, not really....we read the strats and were well prepared!

Run run fast as you can!

This guy reminds me of an X-man somehow but I can't think which....

For all powerful beings they don't half wear some shit noob armour!

We re-visited Demi on Thursday, clearing tier 2 after some hilarious failing on the performer event and with only fleeting time for a half hearted Mayong attempt (TBH it was more a chance to practice some strategy than an attempt)

And so on DoDH day 11, a meare 20 dkp raiding hours after it launched, Rosengard became the 7th (citation required but fairly sure that's right) guild to beat the expansion.

And it was done in some style to, a near on flawlessly executed raid plan, killing him first time on the night with only the basic clickers farmed.

And what better way to celebrate a joyous expansion clear than jizzing 50 cumalitive AA's on some fireworks!

Fantastic job all round, well done everyone!

Anyhow, as always I have compiled a list of funny stuff that pops up in guild group and raid chat. 

Some say, that it's a list used by Satan himself to read on the toilet.....

And that if you read them all backwards, you'll be cursed to sniff pencils for the rest of your natural life.

All I know is, they're called the quotes!

Amazing isn't it! Sirrod escapes unharmed, after all his little accidents.

But wait? what's this! late breaking news with some stickman art!

and that's the last time I ever get a buff off him I guess, but it was worth it!

I will likely just tag on an update when demi-plane is clear rather than do a whole new page, so udpate when it's ready.

Oh as always check out recruitment and all that jazz, peace!


11 January

New year, new achievements!

Lazann 3 Comments

Here we are in January and it's time for another news update.

Depths of Darkhollow looms on the horizon at the end of the month, and as always preperations are well under way!

Meanwhile I've been accused of slacking on these, to that I say It wasn't time for a news update before because:

A: People keep hassling me for a news update.

B: You weren't funny enough until now to fill the quotes.

C: We hadn't done anything news worthy.

And what is more news worthy than once again splitting the current boss mob of an expansion, in era, into 2 raids of....well ok one wiped twice and killed him an hour and a half later, but still! Damn fine work chaps, here's to more top notch loot!

To celebrate I bought a 25 AA Firework glyph and let it off in the guild hall.

Rarely have I thought such novelty shit is worth that much AA, but it was in fact very pretty indeed!

Anyhow I really can't be arsed to draw what Teeks does to the penguin this month (it ain't pretty) so here's the quotes after people finally stepped up the game!

As always check the frontpage for recruitment, and remember we're always happy to see our old friends return and lend a hand to get them back in the groove!

Oh, and happy new year and all that jazz!

16 December

December Dragons

Lazann 0 Comments

Tis the month of Christmas, and all through the house,

All the raiders were stirring a-twitching their mouse!

With this update comes the news that Dragons of Norrath expansion is live.

I personally struggle to call it an expansion, its more of a clip on in my eyes!

Having said that I'm enjoying it far far more than I ever thought I would, the crystals give a relatively decent way to cash up or gear alts, the raid based progression AA's are excellent and the end boss is an especially fun encounter that requires a decent amount of focus and teamwork to succeed.

Naturally we dropped Vishimtar, allthough it took 2 bites of the cherry as there is a lot to take in for the strat in one sitting, the 2nd and so far 1 subsequent pass have been pretty good.

Anyhow thats DoN on farm mode, and the road to DoDH begins now!

Meanwhile our bards are in and out of action like the Liverpool and England footballer Daniel Sturridge, the man who is a hospital patient who's career has been blighted by the ocassional spell of football.

Not our Teeks though, hes busy in the Antarctic, he's even getting busy!

And that is....nearly that apart from of course the quotes.

Now that really is it!

Probably literally when I get sued for one or several of the comments made here!

Peace to you my lovers! \o/

(I may be a little drunk at the moment)

10 November


Lazann 3 Comments

Trying to keep up with the theme of monthly updates so here is Ro-vembers!

What? Rosengard + November....Ro-vem...oh ffs never mind.

We've continued to split raids whenever we've had the mains online to do so, with more split anguish/tacvi and so on.

In fact we have been so good at it and got so much loot that we're killing faster than ever before!

Every week, the zone clearing records are trimmed a little more.

This has lead to the officers and raid lead team moving us to a 3 hour raiding schedule instead of 4 hour, starting 1 hour later than we previously had (now 8pmCET)

As always, we have room for more friendly faces to compensate for our uglier ones, and if you're an old friend that hasn't checked in for a while feel free to stop by so we can all insult you for being a massive slacker!

Anyhow on to other things, no one really understood what was going on especially with our (non) resident penguin lover last week, so perhaps this months MIA will shed some more light on what our bards have been up to instead of logging on and afk'ing!

And Teeks isn't the only bard who seems to love obscure places, in fact a lot of our bards seem to enjoy relative solitude and lack of human contact!

And finally, quotes including OMM mask click excuses!

22 October


Lazann 3 Comments

What the hell is with these monthly updates?!

Well frankly I only tend to update when there is actual news, or when I recieve to many tells asking me to update /glare Aegir

Owing to some returning friends and some new friends we find ourselves in the enviable position of having full raids every Monday/Wednesday/Thursday and Sunday.

So what do you do when you have 60+ fun filled friends to keep happy?

You split raids of course!

Now Rosengard splitting raids is hardly new, or surprising however when it comes to this guy.........

Generally splitting is considered to damn hard and risky, but not for us!!

It certainly wasn't easy and there were a couple of whipes along the way, but frankly that's far more fun that face rolling the whole content all the time!

So there you have it, kicking ass, taking names.

Heres hoping for some more returning friends and new friends soon, come join the fun!

Oh and speaking of fun, you wouldn't give me any peace if I didnt do this ;)

Speaking of people who are MIA, I've been keeping tabs on our favourite penguin loving bard, and each news update I'll be letting you all have a sneak peek of what hes been up to!

Looks like hes been fishing, and is cold. Poor bugger! At least he has plenty of snow to eat!

25 September


Xenvo 0 Comments

So here we are, Omens of War is here!

Due to shoulder surgery on Essere (get well soon mate!) the news has been handed back to yours truly to dick around with! Hurray! Here's a picture of how he came by his injury...

I can only promise to be as low brow and stick figured as I was before, though I haven't been saving as many quotes as before sadly...but I still have a few.

The main story is of course this guy!

Overlord Matu Muram has fallen on our very first Anguish raid (well allright, on the 3rd attempt) 

We as a guild couldn't be prouder of our members right now, an excellent achievement, we even had time for a MPG Trial before clearing Anguish.

Generally Omens doesn't add massive amounts of full on raid content outside the 6 MPG trials, there are however hundreds of new and fun AA's and spells, and a fair whack of group and mini raid content.

It's fantastic to see guild activity buzzing every night with epic mini raids, mpg group trials, anguish aug runs, signet camping and general exp groups to get our teeths into.

Seeing as I'm a zerker now and not a foreheaded wizard, I have a new background for quotes, which I hope you all enjoy!

19 July

As requested!!

Essere 0 Comments

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

My quotes pool will take a while to fill, i'm sure lazanish was drowning in his!

27 February

Normal service is resumed

Lazanish 0 Comments

As mentioned in the last update only the Rathe stood in the way of us, and being in PoTime.

The difficulty of this encounter is well documented, and several guilds have failed at this hurdle.

Not us though!

 photo EQ000918_zpstafwu2ne.jpg

Apologies for the piss poor cropping or whatever the hell you call it.

Anyhow, with the Rathe defeated, that just left a Sunday visit to Plane of Time!

Naturally, Veni Vidi Vici or whatever!

 photo EQ000932_zpsjvcpfrnt.jpg

That was on Febuary 19th for those of you that give a toss about such things, of who beat what 'first' I prefer the statistic of 'Plane of Time beaten and probably 100 people Elemental flagged in 38 raid hours'

Good work guild!

Heres some quotes!

 photo quotes time_zpsn7tf4n4m.jpg

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