• Sunday, 17. November 2019 05:51
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29 October

I know what you did last summer

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Summer ist over and we have quite some victories to add to our achievements. We cleared House of Thule and Veil of Alaris in era. If you haven't been on for a while, you can see many trophies in our new and highly decorated guild hall:

to achieve this, we had to rely on some drastic measures

In addition to the regular expansions, we also cleared the Legacy Raids, we're not sure who was behind this, but we assume it was some evil gnome again:

luckily, we had a new hero of the day:

Other than that, we still do what people do on TLP servers.
we make the same old jokes that origin in classic era

we had fun with gina triggers:

we let others know how we deal with IRL challenges

but we also lost some dear members due to some unfortunate game mechanics:

we had some unexpected race changes: (smallest troll ever!)

and some terrifying incarnations:

but all in all, we're happily growing older while playing EQ:

Meanwhile somebody sent me this screenshot of some of our old members in WoW TLP:

The next expansion, Rain of Fear, is just around the corner. If you want to know more about it, read Aegir's excellent guide in the members' forum. And if itches you to try it out, then log back in to Phinigel. We can always use a few more like-minded players who play Euro hours.

07 October

VoA met it's match, expansion down!

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Another successful expansion for the glorious raiders of Rosengard, proving their mettle once again against the forces of evil. 

Is there anything they can't do you might ask yourself?

Why don't you find out for yourself and check out the recruitment section of our website!

They rocked em, they socked 'em and even these lot helped.

As always none of this would have been possible without the support of the guild leaders, raid leaders and glorious members who do their best to Zig instead of Zag.

We salute you!

Thanks to Serayne for the snazzy pics.

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