• Sunday, 25. September 2016 19:37
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12 September

The whine is real

Lazanish 7 Comments

Luclin is very close to launch now, the 28th of September assuming nothing goes wrong!

So, despite the fact that there really is no more news to tell you other than 'we keep killing stuff' People are whining for news updates.

Aegir I am looking very specifically at you.

So, I thought I would do something different this update and show some real action shots from my own perspective (I might be slightly drunk so this is probably less of a good idea than it seems right now)

Naturally of course, I didn't take screenshots, but instead I decided to make an artists representation of some of the encounters!

Like Vulak!

 photo Vulak_zps9n6slewh.jpg

Let the fire rain!

Then there's this ugly dwarf, not to be confused with Noby who we seem to do a lot of!

 photo Dain_zpsuhqlkakg.jpg

And of course we have our weekly date in the open air with this hippy!

 photo Tunare_zpscimqoquf.jpg

We also seem to spend a lot of time in PoFear looking for brains....

 photo CT_zpsqgo8egge.jpg

And as if that wasn't enough we have some of the quotes that have been flying around guild chat lately.

Is it me or does the theme always seem to revolve around sex, innuendo and dirty talk? I'm sure this is NO reflection on us as a guild.......


 photo quotes for a laugh_zpsf1b4gh4s.jpg

06 August

No news is good news!

Lazanish 2 Comments

So, we are at the stage now where the expansion is very comfortably on farm! We currently clear N.ToV and E.ToV in one sitting 

With a lack of AA's to grind, it being Velious and all, people are starting to go stir crazy. However with the pressure off, it leaves the chance for some fun times! for example....

To entertain ourselves we have run our very own beauty pageant!

It was a tough contest, with several disqualifications, for cross dressing entries *cough* Bonlgon *cough*

But finally here is Miss Norrath 2016!

 photo aNz1HoP_zps41azbbxl.png

On a diet of gnomes and Frogs, with the aim of 'making cookies' clearly she was an outstanding contestant!

Well, anyway as you probably guessed there isn't much news at all, till Luclin anyway....just a serious note to say keep a close eye on recruitment as we are currently pretty much as full as we can be.

Meanwhile heres a double helping of quotes since its been a while!

 photo quotes No news_zpsnh6ljj2f.jpg


 photo quotes no news 2_zpssfnjttal.jpg

Loving you all! <3

06 July

Call Vyemm an ambulance!

Lazanish 0 Comments

Lord Vyemm, you are an ambulance....

 photo Vyem_zpsidfmyxax.jpg

With the eventual death of this guy, and very much in era, Rosengard can now say:

Velious clear!

And look what we did to Iceclad Ocean!

 photo bon was here_zps5ys5a4uf.jpg

In all seriousness though, I personally, and all the leadership, raid leaders, dkp team, members, recruits, cheerleaders, mascots and Scrubbles are incredibly proud of this guild and its achievements in the past few months.

Not only have we stepped up, we have thrived! Guild chat is a hive of activity, raids are full or close to every time we raid, Goratoar's blood pressure is now down to 180/100 even!

Which brings me on to the next point of interest for anyone reading this! Recruitment.

Currently, Rosengard has low requirements on all classes to join us.

This does not by any stretch mean we are closed for recruitment.

What this means is unless you are level 60 and raid ready, you do not meet the requirements to join currently.

Naturally (and obviously) this is subject to change with the constant ebb and flow that is being an EU raiding guild in Everquest, and any drastic change to recruitment will be announced! 

But right now, we are in a good place, and every effort will be made to keep us here and push us on.

Good job people, I'm pleased and proud to know you all and spend my spare time pressing buttons to mix imaginary pixels with you all!

24 June

Late night crypt robbery!

Lazanish 1 Comment

As usual people have been whining at me to update the news. Some of you have even taken to asking me offline now!

So what has Rosengard been up to?

Well asside from the usual ToV/kael/dain/yelinak/st key stuff we have a few new kills udner our belts.

The hippy godess has been repeatedly smacked down, though it appears she has taken up carpentry since all we ever seem to get off her is fists and branches!

 photo EQ000531_zps3pnayny7.jpg

We also re-visited this mudball first when he had the wrong mitigation buff, we had a respectable attempt at him with 50 or so in raid, however after the latest patch he is now fixed and of course we split his head open and found his brain!

 photo EQ000550_zpsagbjs8hu.jpg

And so, with the sleeper awoken of course, the opportunity to kill the warders and get sceptres, daggers and gnome masks has gone, and for a while the chance of gettign the instance was also gone.

Happily however, it is now fixed and heres some screenshots of the action! Because I bothered to take some this time!

 photo EQ000551_zps4p0lczra.jpg 

 photo EQ000552_zpspjauakcy.jpg

 photo EQ000553_zps559ynefg.jpg

So thats all 4 ancients dead, some primals for our lucky melee and all sorts of other crap to.

And now for the quotes I've had ready for a while but there's been no news to go with it!

 photo quotes Tunare_zpsfjvwd5um.jpg

As always, Rosengard is recruiting! Check out our class requirements and information on the forums or contact an officer in game!

Till next time EQ fans....

04 June

Got news, needs updating

Lazanish 0 Comments

So whenever we do important stuff and achieve things, people say to me....

Laz wheres the news update? Laz wheres the quotes? Laz why is it that you're a wizard? Laz can you TL me? Laz can you pick me up from the other side of the world?

Lets focus on the first two for now!

We decided that killing giants is really our thing, and decided to have a 2nd try at AoW....

Naturally we won! Heres the proof of him face planting in a wall!

 photo EQ000500_zps5r50gbct.jpg

So apart from that we've done our usual roundup of velious mobs, leaving just Tunare and the sleepers tomb mobs to go!

And for all you haters, heres the quotes!

 photo AoW Quotes_zps7xk0z7up.jpg

And thats it! Next update will be when Velious is cleared!

04 June

NToV 0 RG 1!

Xenvo 0 Comments

So here we are, nearly 2 weeks into Velious, so the question is what have we achieved since the last news update?

Alot is the simple answer, but this is only a moderate sized news article so heres the crack......

We decided to have a crack at NToV last week for the loot pinjata that is NToV.

First up this guy!

 photo EQ000469_zpssvykwcxn.jpg

Uglier than Scrubble, but with more of its own teeth! and the gateway to supah loots was open!

So more screenshot pwnage inc!

 photo EQ000467_zpsyscmvrzj.jpg


 photo EQ000466_zps8fkie8m5.jpg


 photo EQ000465_zpstdjdld4t.jpg

Team photo!

 photo EQ000470_zpsvs9ype8k.jpg


 photo EQ000471_zpsfrvbnuxk.jpg


 photo EQ000476_zps8dzy4awi.jpg


 photo EQ000479_zpsuchmuhkq.jpg

Oh yeah we splatted this ugly gateway guarding mofo to!

 photo EQ000483_zps5v2f0idc.jpg

We pretty much ran out of time there and went back over the next few days for more great drops, but this Sunday, Rosengard went all in for an NToV clear in one sitting!

We started well with Ary, and Dagarn and co, however lord Fesh decided not to spawn, however that prooved to be a good thing because Rosengard went on to become the 4th guild to kill Vulak on Phinny, a very noteworthy achievement indeed, and grats to all 61 or so who were there!

More to the point, when he was at 10% or so, the 15 minutes left on the instance flashed up.

Spurred on by this motivation that all our hard work would be lost to an hourglass, we ramped it up and dropped him down in 5 minutes flat.

The Clerics rezzed, the necros fed and dotted, everyone was on point.

 photo Vulak_zpshirm8i0a.jpg

No quotes this time, you lot aren't funny enough!

Speaking of you lot, we still have room for more merry raiders, particuarly Clerics and Druids!

22 May

Velious, the Sleeper awakens! (star wars pun)

Lazanish 0 Comments

So having frolicked in the snow for a bit, I thought it was a good idea to do a news update since I was slacking a little.

So, what has Rosengard been doing in the snow so far?

Well naturally we kicked off with a Kael raid!

First we splatted Vindi, and then emboldened by our success we took a pop at The King, and some beautiful tank switching from the heal and tank team leads to the inevitable.....

 photo EQ000455_zps3m9yn0lf.jpg

Some lovely loots, and the path to sleepers is started for RG!

We followed up with Statue!

 photo EQ000456_zpsq9c2ifmg.jpg

And idol of no-loot!

 photo EQ000457_zps3iexcqih.jpg

We then had a rather reasonable attempt at the Avatar of War, who's picture I stole from somewhere because I didnt take a screenshot!

 photo Npc_the_avatar_of_war_zpsbenkgsmf.png

Having had our fill of Giants we went on to something shorter, by this time I was ill and clinging on to the keyboard to prop me up so no more screenshots, but Dain died!

And then we were bored with dwarves so we killed Velketor and Lord Bob, and called it a succes.

Have no doubt folks, Velious will fall before us over the coming weeks.

Now fall before the might of my quotes!

 photo velious quotes 1_zpsxktrmx1p.jpg

And of course, check out the recruitment section if you are interested in joining this fine and mad bunch of....well, perverts is the only word to describe them.

19 May

Velious has arrived!

Lazanish 0 Comments

Get your coats on folks, due to a slight technical issue at Daybreak (in other words they cocked up)

Velious opened a week early. 

Rosengard is now, finally after a sodding year of Kunark in the frozen wastelands!

25 April

Veeshan has peaked?

Lazanish 0 Comments

So after a massive push, and some fantastic effort from EVERYONE in guild, with several honourable mentions for going above and beyond the call of duty to help our fellow guildies get key parts and camps, Rosengard zoned into Veeshans peak with the aim of taking names and getting phat loots!

 photo EQ000422_zpsb8lrpung.jpg

Despite the stupid AE debuff which agros pets and you can do next to nothing about it, we managed to knock over Silverwing!

Heres a picture of him presenting his backside to Bonlgon after we beat him to 4%, submission move...FINISH HIM!

 photo EQ000424_zpsc6tmsoau.jpg

With a taste for blood we decided a server wide was in order so we went over to knock the big boss down!

 photo EQ000427_zpsotfhycz8.jpg

Splat he went and 2 robes he gave us and a crown, what a fucking champion!

So we rounded off with a nice Xygoz kill!

 photo EQ000431_zpsk4zcamgr.jpg

Critics may detract from this achievement saying we didnt clear Hoshkar, Druushk and Nexona.....to them I say do better with less than 40 people....and also, more to the point you can get on the quotes if you signup! Still recruiting :)

 photo Quotes after VP_zpsq4akvbhn.jpg

So much pwnage for one news update, I guess the next one will be when they fix this stupid debuff and we can clear kunark without zerging!

Love you guys, awesome times <3

07 April

Dragon went splat

Lazanish 1 Comment

So I'm trying to keep news updates to news worthy things, and not jsut spam updates for the sake of it.

Somehow killing Trak for the first time (and with 50 people in raid no less!) I deem sufficiently worthy to post a news udpate.

Err but not to take a screenshot.....So I drew one instead, here's a graphical representation of what happened as far as I'm concerned!

 photo Trak kill_zpszlneazun.jpg

So Trak has fallen, giving us our first breastplate, grats Khix on your Myrolkar's and its crappy click effect!

Meanwhile we have several new friends in the green text, but of course we are always looking for more, old or new friend or former foe your presence is welcomed, apply within! 

And so we come to everyones favourite part of a news update, or the part that makes you cringe because you possibly said something you might regret and hope I wasn't online to see it :P

Q U O T E S !

 photo quotes 2_zpstvdsmg2y.jpg

30 March

The latest progress...

Lazanish 0 Comments

So the powers that be wish for a news update to test images and the like, while silmultaneously keeping people abreast of the goings on in Rosengard.

So, first off! Ding 100 people in the guild list, and seeing as this is a no box server the vast majority are main people, and what delightful folk they are!

It really is warming the cockles to see so many familiar friends along with many many new ones.

But what have we been up to? Well we 'warmed up' (see what I did there?) with the fire dragon naggy instance and of course like a well oiled bike thats been in the shed a while.....

 photo naggy_zpskrju8imq.jpg

Followed by a Vox kill, so we were eager for blood, and soon thereafter open world Inny, Severilous and Faydedar fel with around 30 people, and possibly the 'Raid most in need of the benny hill chase music' award going to us for the Faydedar raid (he was chased on to the next island, across the water...I swear I laughed so hard I popped the other testicle)

In fact I had so much fun I forgot to do a screenshot.

BUT! I did make some new quotes, and since we're less than a week old there aren't so many.

 photo Phinny quotes 1_zpsaouxskvh.jpg

Some things never change eh Scrubbles? :)


28 March

Welcome to the madhouse

Lazanish 0 Comments

So here we are again I guess.

Welcome to Rosengard III full of many familiar faces and many fresh ones to!

Once again we are aiming to do what we do best, kill crap and provide a happy home for our members.

For your journey through Phinnigel you will be wanting to contact Cowwa regarding applications, otherwise if you have any questions feel free to contact one of the officers and we will be happy to help :)

Bonlgon, Lazanish, Xenvo, Cookie, Cowwa, Etholan, Stuart.

Look forward to more quotes and general achievements updates.

Welcome to the madhouse :)


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